Disability profile – Art of Simple Living

The Art of Simple Living blog made a profile about me. If you would like to see the full profile check link.

What do you wish people knew or understood about your condition?

In terms of my chronic condition, I wish people knew that our “I’m fine” is very different from theirs. I am in pain most of the time, and “I’m fine” means “I can bare my pain”. As an autistic person, I wish people knew there are adults that have voices. Everything that is available is for children or families. Even apologies, when someone uses Autism as an adjective, is most of the times directed at families, not autistic people. Sometimes it feels like society does not understand we have presence of mind and are not just empty bodies. I would also like society to not take energy for granted, and respect that some people can not keep up in the level that capitalistic jobs makes us do to fit their idea of success (those levels are unhealthy even for neurotypical people).

The idea that we must be extroverted and change ourselves to appear neurotypical is to squeeze our creative and inventive brains into a mould that would erase us and our identity. Success is variable and do not mean anything if it is not set up on our own terms. Let us be us and set up our own paths and dreams. I am much more inquisitive to society norms and like to question everything society takes as a fact. For me, that’s more autistic than what society portray us to be.”

*O perfil na entrevista e apenas em Ingles.

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