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Autistic representation in movies and TV shows

Although 20% of the population has some kind of disability, 95% of the roles with disabled characters are played by actors without disabilities. So I decided to make a small list about autistic representation in movies and TV shows, to talk about the importance of the inclusion of our voices in their development. Here are […]

Online Talk Universidade de Aveiro 9 de dezembro 16h30

*only in Portuguese Vou dar um workshop online para a Universidade de Aveiro sobre Autismo, da perspectiva de uma autista. Se quiserem assistir, estão convidados. Autismo – mitos, estigma e experiências de vida contados por uma autista9 de dezembro de 2020, 16h30 Departamento de Educação e Psicologia, online Resumo: Sabia que a proporção de autistas […]

High tolerance to pain: super-power or kryptonite?

This week I was having a shower and noticed a bump on my leg. It was a spider bite, already infected, and next to it a bruise. Everything is ok, and I managed to clean it up and to disinfect it, but this made me think about the bad part of having high tolerance to […]

Autism Speaks, the Autism non-profit turned hate group

As I promised, I will write about how the autistic people do NOT support Autism Speaks, and the reasons we actually see them as a hate group and a very problematic non-profit. Autism Speaks was founded in 2005 by Bob Wright and wife, Suzanne Wright, grandparents of an autistic child, Christian. They founded Autism Speaks with the […]

Shops owned by people with disabilities or chronic illnesses

Christmas is coming and COVID made a lot of people, especially people with disability to lose their jobs or to struggle due to the risk for their own health. I decided then to only shop from small business made by people with disabilities. People with disabilities, and specially autistic people, that are also added to […]

Environmental causes of Autism?

What is Environmental Factors and how they may be associated with Autism? Some people still don’t understand exactly what the scientists mean with environmental causes relating to Autism, so I thought about trying to explain it as best as I can. When talking about environmental causes they DO NOT mean vaccines, food, or environmental causes […]

Sia’s new Music movie about Autism controversy

I had to take a day to process how it made me feel, since it was very heartbreaking and overwhelming. This is a big one, since it includes most types of Ableism available, so brace for it. Sia made a new movie called “Music” that follows a non-verbal autistic teen called Music and her older […]

Failure as a social concept

I never understood failure in the true sense of the word. Not because I didn’t passed by it. I did. A lot. But failure is a social concept, and as all social concepts I have difficulty understanding it. The truth is for trying new things, help your community, create better societies, failure is a part […]

Introduction of new routines for autistic people

We are known for our difficulty with anything that is not our established routine, and one of the hard and complicated issues about this is how to introduce some new things into it. This might also help ADHD since they also have problems with Executive dysfunction and keeping routines. For example, if we have to […]

List of fake cures that have been promoted for Autism

This list was made by G.E.A.R on Instagram and I believe it is quite important to show how many fake cures for Autism were perpetuated to make money, and experiments, on us. Eventually I might get into more details on some of them, since some are similar to torture, and already killed several autistic children. […]


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