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Meltdown – how does it feel (for me)

I very rarely have meltdowns. I normally have Shutdowns. However, yesterday I had one and I would like to share with you how I felt. First of all, I tend to have meltdowns only for emotional overwhelm. Generally with sensory issues I feel exhausted, have a shutdown and fall asleep wherever I am. Since I […]

Domestic violence and Disabled Women

Disabled women have 2.5 times more probability of suffering domestic violence than other women, according to the Office of National Statistics. However, when they try to leave this situation, they have less options. The reality is, for many disabled women, their own carers are their abusers. Those can be their partners, family, or support worker. […]

The History of MMS – Bleach as a false cure

Industrial Bleach DOES NOT cure Autism. I know.. I feel insane when I have to write this, but apparently is still needed. Today I received a comment saying vaccines cause autism (again??) and that MMS or chlorine dioxide, can cure the symptoms that are autism (which apparently are parasites and heavy metals in the intestine, […]

Disability Poverty

In 2017, 31% of disabled people in the UK lived in poverty – around 4 million people, while non-disabled was 20%. There are several issues that might impact that number: equipment and healthcare cost: higher costs of living, specially in equipement like hearing aids, wheelchairs, mobility aids, etc. education exclusion: 9% of disabled adults have […]

Walking home at night, as a disabled woman

As a woman with disabilities, I am very well aware of how dangerous is for me to be alone at night. I shared my live location with friends/partner. I called my partner while I am walking alone at night. I wore a big jacket to hide any view of skin, even in summer. I held […]

Disability guide to cope with COVID-19 uncertainty

How to cope with COVID-19 uncertainty? Ask Disabled people. The truth is we are the experts at dealing with uncertainty. We are not great at it, but we sure had to learn how to cope with it. COVID-19 brought a lot of anxiety, stress and mental health issues. The fact that we do not know […]

World Hearing Day!

I have a hearing disability and I wear a hearing aid. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to understand people, with background noise, other voices etc (basically auditory processing disorder). Now with the masks is a nightmare (although please wear them, because they are important. if you would like to help get one with a window so […]

Disability Day of Mourning

Today is the Disability Day of Mourning, a day to remember disabled people who were killed by their caregivers. Filicide is when a parent murder their child. Although in general, it is seen as a horrifying offense, when it hits the disability community it can be seen as “understandable” and “merciful”. That is what I […]

“Children that Hans Asperger sent to death” Day

Tw: descriptions of torture and murder Today is suppose to be Aspergers Syndrome Day, to honor Hans Asperger on his birthday. However, Hans Aspergers have a very difficult history and for me, today is “Children that died due to Hans Aspergers Day”, so let’s talk about this. Hans Asperger lended his name to the old […]


Someone comment with me that they felt uncomfortable for me to do activism for Autism and for LGBTQI, and that Autism activism should remain unpolitical. So I decided to write something about Intersectionality and activism. Activism is political. Any kind of activism, for whatever they are fighting for. We are fighting to change not only […]


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