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A new show – Dinosaur BBC

Remember me telling you there was a BBC being prepared where they were looking for an autistic actress? Well.. it was announced! It will premiere in 2022 Ashley Storrie, comedian and autistic, will portrait Nina: “Nina is Autistic, but yet to be diagnosed. Nina’s always felt different – and often made to feel it by […]

Autistic Burnout – a study

‘People praise us for what we are capable of and what we have achieved thanks to our performance . . . but no one stops to consider the toll it takes on us’ ‘being in a world that is not your world and you have to change how you exist to make it all work’ […]

Undisclosed conflict of interest in ABA research

I already talked about a study that showed that ABA research had a chronic problem of undisclosed conflict of interests. It came out this month another study that confirm this: “We found that 84% of studies had at least one author with this type of COI, but they were only disclosed as COIs in 2% […]

Racism and access to healthcare

A study of autistic adults and their access to health care in the USA, showed that black beneficiaries were significantly less likely than white beneficiaries to be eligible for insurance at all ages. Average expenditures for eligible beneficiaries on certain insurances were higher among white beneficiaries compared to black beneficiaries. Racism in access to healthcare […]

Aggression and Sensory overload

I’ve been thinking lately about aggression since it is one of subjects that people ask me. I always thought I was not aggressive, because I never hit anyone, but I had to examine my life and came to a different conclusion very quickly. Although I never hit anyone, I got very irritated and ‘ready to […]

Emotional labour and emotional dysregulation

Emotional labour is when we regulate or suppress their emotions in our work. It is a particular issue within advocacy and activism, since normally we work in things that goes deeply into our life and requires a lot of emotional sharing. “Emotional labour required as a role within an organization increases emotional exhaustion (Grandey, 2003), […]

Why was the Asperger’s Syndrome dropped?

Elon Musk just admitted on SNL that he is one of us, however, he said he was Asperger’s, not autistic. So today, I will explain why exactly Asperger’s Syndrome was dropped, and why this separation doesn’t help the community, but only hurt them. 1. Asperger’s can became Autistic, and Autistics can became Asperger’s It is […]

Double empathy problem

Double empathy theory: The Double Empathy Theory suggests that when people with very different perspectives of the world interact, they will struggle to empathise and communicate with each other. The Double Empathy problem, when applied to Autism, suggests that communication between autistic people is so efficient as neurotypicals, since we have similar ways to communicate, […]

Grunya Efimovna Sukhareva – the first person to recognize autism traits (1926)

Grunya Efimovna Sukhareva – the first person to recognize autism traits (1926) In 1926, 20 years before Aspergers and Kanner, the child psychiatrist Grunya Efimovna Sukhareva, from Kiev, published a detailed description of autistic traits in a number of children. She published in Russian and German, so it is possible Aspergers read her work, although […]

Why Next for Autism and Mark Robber fundraising is problematic

Colour the spectrum – Why Next for Autism and Mark Robber fundraising is problematic Center for Autism and the developing brain mission Center for Autism and the Developing Brain, which is run by Next for Autism, mission says is conducting research that “enhances the understanding of the causes, treatment and prevention of autism spectrum disorders”. […]


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