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World Hearing Day!

I have a hearing disability and I wear a hearing aid. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to understand people, with background noise, other voices etc (basically auditory processing disorder). Now with the masks is a nightmare (although please wear them, because they are important. if you would like to help get one with a window so […]

Disability Day of Mourning

Today is the Disability Day of Mourning, a day to remember disabled people who were killed by their caregivers. Filicide is when a parent murder their child. Although in general, it is seen as a horrifying offense, when it hits the disability community it can be seen as “understandable” and “merciful”. That is what I […]

“Children that Hans Asperger sent to death” Day

Tw: descriptions of torture and murder Today is suppose to be Aspergers Syndrome Day, to honor Hans Asperger on his birthday. However, Hans Aspergers have a very difficult history and for me, today is “Children that died due to Hans Aspergers Day”, so let’s talk about this. Hans Asperger lended his name to the old […]


Someone comment with me that they felt uncomfortable for me to do activism for Autism and for LGBTQI, and that Autism activism should remain unpolitical. So I decided to write something about Intersectionality and activism. Activism is political. Any kind of activism, for whatever they are fighting for. We are fighting to change not only […]

Actually Autistic people you may know

What does all these people have in common? They are all #ActuallyAutistic In the picture: Dan Aykroyd – Actor and creator of Ghostbusters Sir Anthony Hopkins – Actor Tim Burton – Filmmaker Hannah Gadsby – Comedian Satoshi Tajiri – Creator of Pokemon David Byrne – Musician Dan Harmon – Creator of Rick and Morty Daryl […]

ABA Therapy Part 7 – Efficiency, is ABA the only way?

So, is ABA that efficient that should be use for all autistic children? Not at all. Although we can’t deny that ABA seems to be efficient in the moment, there is still a question on what it is efficient for, and for how long. If ABA therapy is badly used, it can be “efficient” only […]

Again, the use of “Autistic” as an insult – Jornal de Negocios

This week, Camilo Lourenco, in Jornal de Negocios (Portugal), said the following: “The first happened when she asked:” But does anyone think that other countries are not facing exactly the same problems? ” Only an autistic person of the worst (and I apologize to the true autistic people) is able to say such stupidity considering […]

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – a Personal Account by Bruno Abrantes

There are other neurodiversities besides Autism, which are incredibly stigmatized and branded as taboo by society. One of those neurodiversities is OCD (Obcessive Compulsive Disorder). I bring you today the account of an old neurodiverse friend, Bruno Abrantes, and his life with OCD: “Living with OCD became a reality for me in early 2015. Basically […]

Prone restraints and their use in Sia’s movie Music

Tw: Description of restraints, injuries and deaths Prone restraint is when you put the person/child facedown and sit or lay down on them, and it is use in disabled people when they have meltdowns, and I want to talk about it today. In Sia’s movie Music, we found several issues in the trailer that were […]

Priority for People with disabilities for COVID-19 vaccination

Autistic people and several other disabilities should be in the priority round for the new COVID-19 vaccination, so I decided to gather some social and medical reasons to support this. Medical reasons COVID-19 Mortalility rate of people with learning disabilities is 4 times higher than general population, with people between 18 and 34 years old […]


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