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dat.activism is a website for data-driven activism around Autism, women’s issues, disability and the world in general. All articles are in English and Portuguese.

dat.activism é um site para activismo baseado em dados relacionados com Autismo, assuntos feministas, incapacidades e do Mundo em geral. Todos os artigos são escritos em Inglês e Português.

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  • Week Celebration of Special Interests
    The Chronic Couple page suggested a week long celebration of our special interests. To not annoy you with every day posts, I decided to include one post of my special interests and a small celebration of one of the best things in Autism, our ability to fall in love with themes and hobbies. I will […]
  • The invalidation of the autistic voices inside the autistic movement
    This might be a slightly controversial one, so bear with me. The fight for autistic people’s right was a fight mainly populated by parents and organizations that were run by neurotypicals (still is). In general, I do believe my mother is my best advocate. There is a problem though. Her brain is still a neurotypical […]
  • Masks and hearing disabilities
    You know that you have a disability when you see these kinds of things and think.. whoever created this cannot be disabled. Please, do not share this type of mask. I wear a hearing aid and would never wear it. First, it doesn’t help at all. The fact that I had this on my mask […]
  • The importance of Unmasking for Inclusion
    To really achieve full inclusion of autistic people in society, we have to stop forcing autistic people to mask who they are to be accepted. Masking or camouflage is the masking of our autistic traits or our difficulties, to fit into society. For example, when we look at the middle of the eyebrows, to simulate […]
  • The Masked Autistic Quiz – Are you undiagnosed?
    This questionnaire was not written by a doctor, but by an autistic person. Personally, I said yes to every single question, and though it was incredibly well done, so I would like to share it with you. This was added in Twitter by Steve Asbell, and shared by Unashamed Voices of Autism in Facebook. “If […]
  • Auditory Processing Difficulties
    It is the brain’s difficulty in filtering, classifying, recognizing, processing, prioritizing and remembering auditory information, especially the sound of speech. How to recognize? difficulty processing voices or sounds in noisy environments, difficulty understanding people with a strong accent or speaking fast not understanding or misinterpreting verbal instructions, difficulties in memorizing verbal instructions and constantly needing […]
  • Autism, inflexibility and purpose
    During my life, I received tones of comments of how I wouldn’t compromise and how I was very rigid in the plans I would make. That is indeed true, to a certain degree, but entirely false in others. Currently while analyzing my life, I noticed that everything I do, need to have a specific purpose. […]
  • My Diagnosis Story
    When I was a child, I was quite unique. I learned how to read alone, and spent hours reading books, not noticing anything around me (hyperlexia). I used to hide when someone was visiting, or not speak for hours, if I was in the presence of someone I didn’t knew. I rarely said I love […]
  • Questionário autistas adultos (maiores de 18 anos) residentes em Portugal
    *only in Portuguese Precisamos da ajuda dos autistas adultos em Portugal (não precisam de ter nacionalidade Portuguesa, apenas residir em Portugal!!) Existe muito pouca informação sobre os autistas adultos em Portugal, e um projecto está a ser preparado, por autistas, para promover a aceitação e conhecimento do Autismo em Portugal. Como tal, gostaria de ter […]
  • World Mental Health Day
    On World Mental Health Day, I would like to share that 93% of countries worldwide have stopped or interrupted their mental health services due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Data from WHO. Mental Health is Health, and with an increase in mental problems due to lockdown, isolation, as well as job losses, and mainly, loss of […]
  • Shutdowns – how does it feel (for me)?
    This week, I had a very severe shutdown (see Shutdown), due to anxiety and a lot of work to do. My brain has been in superspeed mode for a while. I have been barely sleeping and it feels my brain is packed, like a computer with 30 tabs opened. I was quite tired, and had […]
  • Autism and the future in employment
    I work as a Data Manager in cardiovascular research, for one of the top Universities in the world. I absolutely love data and as an autistic person it helps me process and make sense of a chaotic world. The reason I am good at what I do is because I have a natural skill to […]
  • Recognizing Anxiety in Autism
    You may think that anxiety is just that little nervous in the stomach before a job interview, but it is not. It can impact our life in a daily basis. Sometimes we hear people say that “everyone has a little anxiety” but for autistic people it can be constant and at an unhealthy intensity. Anxiety […]
  • Resposta da Ministra da Saúde à comunidade autista
    Caros autistas e familiares de autistas, Após a publicação do artigo no Público, recebi um contacto da Ministra da Saúde Marta Temido. Sobre o incidente ela disse: “Escusado será dizer que foi um erro que gostaria de não ter cometido. Peço lhe desculpas por a ter involuntariamente magoado e, se lhe for possível, que as […]
  • A ministra da Saúde diz que “a governação não é autista” — mas eu sou
    *only in Portuguese A Ministra da Saúde Marta Temido apareceu no Dia da Cristina onde fez um comentário que podem ver no vídeo nas Redes Sociais Facebook ou Instagram, ou de seguida.. Em resposta escrevi este artigo no Público que apenas queria partilhar com vocês. Link https://www.publico.pt/2020/09/30/p3/cronica/ministra-saude-governacao-nao-autista-1933503?fbclid=IwAR2Lk28baWbLDltwG9HHYbLtPbztvHL5vRqSafZJY55yEKUEdEAx4htPyOA Espero que gostem.
  • Hypo/Hypersensitivity in Touch
    In autistic people, our senses are different than neurotypicals and how we perceived the world might be entirely different. Touch might be overstimulated (hypersensitivity) or understimulated (hyposensitibity) and the deregulation might impact autistic people a lot. I will give some tips on how to identify which one you or someone you know is, and some […]
  • Conversa com Vencer Autismo
    *talk is only in Portuguese. Participei num Café Vencer da Vencer Autismo e falámos um pouco sobre o estigma e representação do Autismo em Portugal. Se não conseguiram ver em directo, assistam aqui, ou no Facebook da Associação Vencer Autismo. Espero que gostem.
  • Autism Explained Summit
    Hey everyone! Just quick note that I thought it would be interesting for people reading this blog. At the moment there is a conference with incredible experts and autistic people called Autism Explained. It is free and will allow you to have access to different subjects as Alexythimia and Emotional Dysregulation, Late diagnosis, Identity and […]
  • Ableist expressions
    You may thing that an autistic community is exagerating when it comes together against these claims and that it is just an expression. But imagine that a society used your name to describe something stereotypical and wrong about you that would make it harder to fight for what you believe. No .. Autism is not […]
  • Gender diversity and Autism
    Cisgender people means their gender match their sex assigned at birth, while gender-diverse people, such as transgender, nonbinary or gender-queer, that their gender differ from the sex they were assigned at birth. Approximately 1–2% of the general population is estimated to be autistic and around 0.4–1.3% of the general population is estimated to be transgender and gender-diverse. […]
  • Meltdowns
    Meltdowns happen when there is an overload of the autistic brain, making it unable to process any other stimuli, which increases stress, which will be externalized as losing control and screaming, crying, performing self-harm stims, or being agressive. If shutdowns are a flight situation, meltdowns are the fight reaction. I believe which one are more […]
  • Serial killers and Autism
    A study in 2014 showed that from 239 serial killers and mass murders, the authors “identified” that 133 showed no evidence of autism or brain injury and 67 (or 28%) are described as having possible, probable, or definite autism. Another study even suggests a new diagnosis called Criminal Autistic Psychopathy.  Does this mean autistic people […]
  • Autistic Burnout
    Burnout is an intense physical, mental or emotional exhaustion, accompanied by a loss of resources in autistic adults. It may last for a few months, but some autists say they have felt impact for years. It was only discovered a few years ago, after several autists reported to the scientific community in a perfect example […]

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